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A refreshing beverage that combines deionised water with natural traditional chinese medical minerals Gypsum Fibrosum & Calcitum + enriched with oxygen (O2) to help balance the amount of heat in our body & restore harmony to our system.


Benefits include:

- With added O2! O2 intake increases when we are stressful. With enriched O2, Cool Rhino O2 not only hydrates our body and cools down our system, it also improves our overall body performance.

- Relieves fever

- Relieves heat stroke

- No more headaches due to heatiness

- Relieves constipation caused by body heat

- Relieves burning sensation by heatiness, pungent / spicy food

- Good bye to pimples, acnes & mouth ulcers caused by body heat





Each 100ml contains Gypsum Fibrosum 80mg & Calcitum 40mg

+ enriched Oxygen



Adult - 350ml each time, 4 times a day

Children 3-12 years - 175ml each time, 4 times a day