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Wen Ken Group is a family-owned group of companies and the creator of the renowned Three Legs Brand Cooling Water. Founded in 1937, Wen Ken Group has more than 75 years of experience in the research and development, as well as production and marketing of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Foods, Pharmaceutical and OTC (Over-the-Counter) health products which includes Pe Pa Kao, Cough Relief, Medicinal Powder, Ai Kan Shan Powder, Tinea Skin Solution, balsem and many more.


Wen Ken owns one of the largest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified manufacturing plants with licenses to produce Chinese and Herbal Medicine, as well as Pharmaceuticals products in Asia. We also have significant presence in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


Over the years, we adapted ourselves to suit and facilitate healthy living among people from all walks of life. First launched in Malaysia in 2007, Cool Rhino, the new age version of Three Legs Cooling water, quickly gained popularity among people especially within the younger generation. With its contemporary label and elegant plastic bottle design it was awarded the Malaysia Good Design Mark from the Malaysia Government in 2008.