1.  What is heatiness and its symptoms?

A person is prone to getting heatiness if:

2. What is the difference between fever and “heatiness”?

Fever usually happens when the body is infected by bacteria or virus. The body temperature would exceed 37 ℃.

“Heatiness” on the other hand, refers to the experience of internal heat within the body, or when the body shows symptoms of “heatiness”.

3. How do you reduce excess “heatiness” in the body?

The use of the cooling method can help relieve ‘heatiness’, such as eating or consuming cooling food (eg: Cooling water, cucumber, or tofu)

4. What are the active ingredients in both Cool Rhino and Cool Rhino O2?

Both Cool Rhino and Cool Rhino O2 consist of raw Gypsum Fibrosum and Calcitum, both of which has cooling properties and assist with reducing heat. Cool Rhino O2 however, has a higher level of infused oxygen in the cooling water.

5. If I do not have excess body heatiness, can I still consume Cool Rhino as a normal drink?

Yes! Cool Rhino can be used to relieve body heatiness caused by the consistent hot weather and consumption of spicy food as well as other factors as described above. It is also perfect to cool yourself down after exercising or playing sports!

6. How does Cool Rhino taste like?

It’s colourless, odourless, and sugar-free. It tastes similar to normal drinking water.

7. When is the best time to drink Cool Rhino?

Anytime, but we recommend a daily consumption (maximum 4 bottles a day) to prevent any symptoms from body heatiness. You can also drink them with your meal, especially with barbecued, fried, or spicy food.

8. Is it okay to drink Cool Rhino when it’s cold?

Sure thing! But if you have a fever, consume Cool Rhino at room temperature.

9. Can I take Cool Rhino with Western medicine?

We recommend to drink Cool Rhino one hour after consuming Western medicine as it is not advised to mix two different types of medicinal ingredients together.

10. Can I drink Cool Rhino?

Yes, you can! Cool Rhino is suitable for all age groups, especially if you are having sports-related activities as it quickly regulates to balance of your body heat and helps extensively on rehydration. However, for those who have cold body constitution, including women on period, is advised to drink it in moderation.

If you are in any health conditions such as having diabetes or kidney conditions, Cool Rhino can be consumed it doesn’t impact the related organ function, but it is also advised to consume Cool Rhino on a moderate basis.

11. Is Cool Rhino Halal-certified?


12. Can I mix Cool Rhino with fruits or other beverages?

Yes, you can mix with juices or other ingredients to make a healthy snack or drink, such as juices or smoothies.

13. Are there any side effects if I drink more than the daily-recommended dosage?

There are no known side effects for overdose, but it is advisable to drink according to the recommended dosage as indicated on the back of the bottle.

14. How long can I store Cool Rhino? If I’ve opened the bottle, how long can I keep it?

You may refer to the expiry date indicated on the bottle. If you are unable to finish Cool Rhino within the same day, you can keep it for the next day.